Oğuz Furkan Kaytancı
An entrepreneur, a full stack developer living in Istanbul, Turkey.


As a full stack developer I can help you with


I can develop and design responsive and functional websites for your company. Full service with front-end, back-end and database development.


I can develop native, flawless applications on Apple ecosystem, not just for iOS but for tvOS, watchOS using latest Apple technologies in Objective-c and Swift.


I can develop native Android applications for your company that will work on all kind of devices that runs on Android.


Here you can find some reference works of mine. All work on these projects belongs to me.

Gutenberger (2017)

Gutenberg is one of the largest e-book services in the world. They make the public domain books available on the internet, but has no mobile application.

I developed a third party iOS application that brings more than 50.000 e-books to your pocket. Search, download and start reading on your iPhone in seconds.

For Gutenberger, I developed a web-service and an iOS application.

iOS Application

ŞipŞak Vesikalık (2016)

ŞipŞak Vesikalık (Snap Portraits) allows Turkish citizen to order passport and id photos right from their mobile phones and computers.

For ŞipŞak Vesikalık, I developed website, web-service, iOS application and Android application from zero to one.

A dashboard, order tracking and notification system also developed by me in order to help product owner easily manage it's platform.

Web Site iOS Application Android Application

Küçük Yatırımcı (2016)

Küçük Yatırımcı (Newbie Investor) is a service that allows people to gain experience on investing at Borsa Istanbul as well as investing on exchange and gold market. It's based on fake money and real market data.

For Küçük Yatırımcı, I developed a sweet landing page, web-service, iOS and Android applications. People loved the experience of investing with no worries!

Web Site iOS Application Android Application

Histofme (2013)

Histofme is a social network based on people's diary and journals. Allows people to share the memories they wouldn't want to forget. It has a lot of features together with basic social network features like sharing, following and messaging.

For Histofme, I developed website, web-service, iOS and Android applications and a short link sharing service.

Web Site iOS Application Android Application